Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tough Times For Sandy Creek

11/16/06 Sandy Creek --The rain still is falling and the creek is still rising. Sandy is about as high as even I can fish it, and I like fishing high water. The rainfall is only half of the problem. It is time to drain the canal. Normally, When the canal water hits Sandy, it will bring in new fish and make for good fishing. But, when you have all of this rainfall and canal water together, this will blow out Sandy. The second problem is going to be the water temperature. It is supposed to get cold once again and Sandy creek can easily drop 7 to 8 degrees over night. Big temperature drops like this will put the fish in a big temperature shock thus shutting down the whole creek for a few days. Once the water flow settles a little, try fishing in the afternoon when the water will be its warmest.
There is a lot of spawned out Brown trout. It may be time to start fishing buggers and streamers, both in size 6, and of course egg flies.

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