Monday, November 13, 2006

Sandy Creek - Water Up a Little

11/13/06 Sandy Creek - The rain has raised the water level a few inches, and added just a little color back to the water. hopefully, this will help the Brown trout calm down and bite a little better. The last couple of days we have been catching a lot more Brown trout that are now spawned out. In the next few days, these fish should start to feed more aggressively. I have been finding these spawned out Browns mostly in the pools and the deeper runs. For now, with all the spawning still going on, these spawned out Browns will be feeding mostly on stray eggs dislodged from the spawning activity. The flies that I have been using are estaz eggs in butter rum and chartreuse. When I need to more closely imitate the natural eggs. I have been using Nuclear roe bugs in Oregon cheese. All of the flies are in size 8 and 10.

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