Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sandy Creek - Update

Well we are back to "normal" size Brown trout once again. If you can call 12 to 13 pound Brown trout "normal".

11/11/06 Sandy Creek -- We will have to see what the rain will do to the local rivers and creeks. Sandy can use a little rain, the water levels are still holding. However, the last few days Sandy has been getting a little on the clear side. The Brown trout are now starting to get a little spooky from both the clear water and the fishing pressure. We can now benefit from a increase in the water flow and little color to the water. The fish need a break from the fishing pressure. With the clear water and the fishing pressure from the past few days I have been trying to more closely imitate the natural eggs in the river. The fly patterns I've been using are Nuclear roe bugs in Oregon cheese and in size 8 and 10.

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