Thursday, November 2, 2006

Sandy Creek - Guide's Day Off

11/2/06 Sandy Creek, the water levels have dropped off from the past weekend rain storm. The water level is high and has a tea stained color to it, but Sandy is definitely fishable. I had a day off, and what do fishing guides do on their day off? Go fishing of course!
Most of the fish that I saw were still sitting in the pools. Most of the Brown trout are still just starting their run. I did catch a few female Brown trout but they were still not ready to spawn. There is very little spawning activity going on yet. All the male Brown trout that I landed were still in very good shape. They are not beaten up yet from fighting. The best surprise of the day was landing two steelheads. The only problem was that I did not have a photographer with me. Sorry no pictures. The flies are the same as before, Nuclear Roe Bug's in Oregon cheese and butter scotch estaz eggs, all in size 8. If you do not know the fly pattern for the Nuclear Roe Bug, here it is:

Nuclear Roe Bug
HOOK: Daiichi 5130
SIZE: 12 - 8
THREAD: white waxed thread
BODY: Oregon cheese dub with glo-bug yarn
WING: white glo-bug yarn tied as a veil

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