Friday, November 3, 2006

Sandy Creek - Cold Day

11/3/06 Sandy Creek. The water level has continued to level off nicely, but still has a tea stained color to it. Cold weather has cooled Sandy about 6 degrees, to a water temperature of 40 degrees. The cold water has slowed the fishing down considerably. As a result the fish were biting softly; making it hard to get good hook sets. We lost more fish than we landed today. Most of the fish are still staying in the pools. With this cold snap they will stay there.
As for the flies, we got a few bites with nuclear row bug's. Most of the fish that we caught today were taken with estaz eggs in butter rum, in size 8. If you do not know the fly pattern for the estaz egg here it is.

Coleman's Estaz Egg
HOOK: Daiichi 1530
THREAD: red or Orange waxed thread
BODY: Butter Rum, or chartreuse yellow estaz
WING: White glo-bug tarn [length of body] the tail
and wing is the same piece of yarn. Tied in
at tail and then used later for the wing.
TAIL: White glo-bug yarn

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