Sunday, November 26, 2006

The End Of The Spawn

As of 11/24/06 Sandy Creek - The water flow at Sandy is still high due to water release from the canal. Even with the high water the water clarity is still very good. The big issue with Sandy now is the water temperature. The last few days the water temperature has been fluctuating from about as low as 35° to a high of 42°. These temperature fluctuations have slowed the fishing down considerably. The mornings have been fishing slowly until the water temperatures warm up a little in the afternoon.

The Brown trout spawn is for all practical purposes done. There are a few fish here and there trying to finish up, but not many. As long as river conditions continue to be good, these spawn out Browns trout will stay in the river and feed. With the end of the spawning the egg bite has slowed down. The Brown trout diet is starting to expand now. They will still take eggs, but now the Brown trout are starting to eat the ever abundant creek chubs. The fly box now needs to expand with large nymphs like stone flies and big hairs ears. Because of the creek chubs, streamers are now going to be big producers. Buggers (white and olive) and white zonkers are two of my favorite flies for the post-spawn Brown trout.

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