Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cold Water Fishing - Sandy Creek

Sandy Creek and all the surrounding creeks are experiencing the same conditions: high, off colored, and most noteworthy cold water temperature. Of the three, cold water is the biggest concern. With night time air temperatures dropping in to the low 20's, all the local creeks can experience big drops in water temperatures as much as 7-8°. The best way to deal with the constant water temperature fluctuation is to start fishing a little later in the mornings. Wait for the water temperatures to start to warm up.

Sandy still is fishing well but water flows are still high, (what's new). There is a mix of brown trout and rainbows spread out through the entire Creek. Egg flies are still the best fly patterns to use. However a few spawned out Brown trout are starting to take streamers(stick with white buggers).

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