Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sandy Creek Still Holding Up

11/28/06 Sandy Creek -- the water levels still remain the same. The water clarity seems to be a little more cloudy today then it was the day before, still not bad. The water temperatures are remaining stable holding around 46 to 47°. The Brown trout are spread out through the whole river. The more water you can fish, the more fish will see your fly. The real challenge is choosing what parts of the creek that you may need to fish a second pass through. On the first pass through a section of water, I will usually fish an egg fly under a strike indicator. The second pass through I will swing a streamer. Some days the fish want eggs or nymphs and some days the Brown trout want streamers. Today they wanted both.

Monday, November 27, 2006

They Can Be Anywhere

11/27/06 Sandy Creek - How things can change from one day to the next. Last night the air temperature did not fall off and the water temperature started the day at 42° and rose to 48°. Plus the water level at Sandy dropped a few inches, and cleared up a little more. The water flow at Sandy is still high, but the water levels are improving slowly.
Today we found Brown trout both in the pools and on the gravel beds. And of course, the Rainbow trout are just as spread out as the Brown trout and they can be anywhere in the creek. There is no real concentration of fish. Right now, you have to fish a lot of water to find fish. Today we caught all of our fish with egg flies. The best fly of the day was a nuclear row bug in Oregon cheese.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The End Of The Spawn

As of 11/24/06 Sandy Creek - The water flow at Sandy is still high due to water release from the canal. Even with the high water the water clarity is still very good. The big issue with Sandy now is the water temperature. The last few days the water temperature has been fluctuating from about as low as 35° to a high of 42°. These temperature fluctuations have slowed the fishing down considerably. The mornings have been fishing slowly until the water temperatures warm up a little in the afternoon.

The Brown trout spawn is for all practical purposes done. There are a few fish here and there trying to finish up, but not many. As long as river conditions continue to be good, these spawn out Browns trout will stay in the river and feed. With the end of the spawning the egg bite has slowed down. The Brown trout diet is starting to expand now. They will still take eggs, but now the Brown trout are starting to eat the ever abundant creek chubs. The fly box now needs to expand with large nymphs like stone flies and big hairs ears. Because of the creek chubs, streamers are now going to be big producers. Buggers (white and olive) and white zonkers are two of my favorite flies for the post-spawn Brown trout.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cold Water Fishing - Sandy Creek

Sandy Creek and all the surrounding creeks are experiencing the same conditions: high, off colored, and most noteworthy cold water temperature. Of the three, cold water is the biggest concern. With night time air temperatures dropping in to the low 20's, all the local creeks can experience big drops in water temperatures as much as 7-8°. The best way to deal with the constant water temperature fluctuation is to start fishing a little later in the mornings. Wait for the water temperatures to start to warm up.

Sandy still is fishing well but water flows are still high, (what's new). There is a mix of brown trout and rainbows spread out through the entire Creek. Egg flies are still the best fly patterns to use. However a few spawned out Brown trout are starting to take streamers(stick with white buggers).

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tough Times For Sandy Creek

11/16/06 Sandy Creek --The rain still is falling and the creek is still rising. Sandy is about as high as even I can fish it, and I like fishing high water. The rainfall is only half of the problem. It is time to drain the canal. Normally, When the canal water hits Sandy, it will bring in new fish and make for good fishing. But, when you have all of this rainfall and canal water together, this will blow out Sandy. The second problem is going to be the water temperature. It is supposed to get cold once again and Sandy creek can easily drop 7 to 8 degrees over night. Big temperature drops like this will put the fish in a big temperature shock thus shutting down the whole creek for a few days. Once the water flow settles a little, try fishing in the afternoon when the water will be its warmest.
There is a lot of spawned out Brown trout. It may be time to start fishing buggers and streamers, both in size 6, and of course egg flies.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fear No Mud

Sandy Creek - 11/15/06 The water levels have dropped some from the day before, and the clarity has improved also. Fishing in muddy water can be intimidating. The river does not have it's normal look and when you're fishing these conditions you often wonder how a fish can see your fly, but they do. The trick is in knowing how the fish uses its habitat and understanding where they want to be during high water. Because of the off-color water that accompanies high water, fish are often more relaxed. Off-color water provides cover for the fish. As a result, when you do find a fish they often bite aggressively. As for the flies, I have been fishing a lot of chartreuse estaz flies lately in size 8.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sandy Creek - Surf's Up!

11/14/06 What more can I say that this photograph hasn't already said? With last night's rain, Sandy Creek rose over a foot overnight. We needed a little rain, and it would have been nice to add some color to the water, but we did not need this. Hopefully Sandy will settle down quickly, and we can get back to fishing.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Sandy Creek - Water Up a Little

11/13/06 Sandy Creek - The rain has raised the water level a few inches, and added just a little color back to the water. hopefully, this will help the Brown trout calm down and bite a little better. The last couple of days we have been catching a lot more Brown trout that are now spawned out. In the next few days, these fish should start to feed more aggressively. I have been finding these spawned out Browns mostly in the pools and the deeper runs. For now, with all the spawning still going on, these spawned out Browns will be feeding mostly on stray eggs dislodged from the spawning activity. The flies that I have been using are estaz eggs in butter rum and chartreuse. When I need to more closely imitate the natural eggs. I have been using Nuclear roe bugs in Oregon cheese. All of the flies are in size 8 and 10.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sandy Creek - Update

Well we are back to "normal" size Brown trout once again. If you can call 12 to 13 pound Brown trout "normal".

11/11/06 Sandy Creek -- We will have to see what the rain will do to the local rivers and creeks. Sandy can use a little rain, the water levels are still holding. However, the last few days Sandy has been getting a little on the clear side. The Brown trout are now starting to get a little spooky from both the clear water and the fishing pressure. We can now benefit from a increase in the water flow and little color to the water. The fish need a break from the fishing pressure. With the clear water and the fishing pressure from the past few days I have been trying to more closely imitate the natural eggs in the river. The fly patterns I've been using are Nuclear roe bugs in Oregon cheese and in size 8 and 10.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Sandy Creek - Big Brown Trout

One big Brown Trout, this one weighs 17 pounds. That's big!

11/9/06 Sandy Creek -- The water levels are still holding up well and the water is clearing a little each day. With the nice weather, water temperatures have continued to climb a little more each day. With the warm water, female Brown trout have moved on to the gravel beds and started to spawn. With the clearing water and warm water temperatures the site fishing has been good. As for the Steelhead, they are still being found in the pools. Some days this makes for a nice mix of fish. The flies have been the same as always. Nuclear roe bugs in Oregon cheese and estaz eggs in butter rum, all in size 8.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Sandy Creek - Brown Trout

11/6/06 Sandy Creek is back on schedule. The water flow is about where I like it, a little high and slightly off color. This water color makes the Brown trout hard to spot and provides cover that makes the fish more relaxed. Water temperatures have increased alot today, which has awakened the fish. With the temperature increase, this afternoon has fished well. The flies were nuclear roe bug's in Oregon cheese and estaz egg in butter rum. Both fly patterns in 8.

Friday, November 3, 2006

Sandy Creek - Cold Day

11/3/06 Sandy Creek. The water level has continued to level off nicely, but still has a tea stained color to it. Cold weather has cooled Sandy about 6 degrees, to a water temperature of 40 degrees. The cold water has slowed the fishing down considerably. As a result the fish were biting softly; making it hard to get good hook sets. We lost more fish than we landed today. Most of the fish are still staying in the pools. With this cold snap they will stay there.
As for the flies, we got a few bites with nuclear row bug's. Most of the fish that we caught today were taken with estaz eggs in butter rum, in size 8. If you do not know the fly pattern for the estaz egg here it is.

Coleman's Estaz Egg
HOOK: Daiichi 1530
THREAD: red or Orange waxed thread
BODY: Butter Rum, or chartreuse yellow estaz
WING: White glo-bug tarn [length of body] the tail
and wing is the same piece of yarn. Tied in
at tail and then used later for the wing.
TAIL: White glo-bug yarn

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Sandy Creek - Guide's Day Off

11/2/06 Sandy Creek, the water levels have dropped off from the past weekend rain storm. The water level is high and has a tea stained color to it, but Sandy is definitely fishable. I had a day off, and what do fishing guides do on their day off? Go fishing of course!
Most of the fish that I saw were still sitting in the pools. Most of the Brown trout are still just starting their run. I did catch a few female Brown trout but they were still not ready to spawn. There is very little spawning activity going on yet. All the male Brown trout that I landed were still in very good shape. They are not beaten up yet from fighting. The best surprise of the day was landing two steelheads. The only problem was that I did not have a photographer with me. Sorry no pictures. The flies are the same as before, Nuclear Roe Bug's in Oregon cheese and butter scotch estaz eggs, all in size 8. If you do not know the fly pattern for the Nuclear Roe Bug, here it is:

Nuclear Roe Bug
HOOK: Daiichi 5130
SIZE: 12 - 8
THREAD: white waxed thread
BODY: Oregon cheese dub with glo-bug yarn
WING: white glo-bug yarn tied as a veil