Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sandy Creek - Brown Trout

10/27/06 was my first day of fishing Sandy Creek. The water Flow is High, fairly clear, but fishable. Most of the brown trout we found were males, but a few females browns were starting to work their way up river. With all the high water some of the browns are on the move early this year. Most of them are still holding down river. These fish will be slowly moving up river soon.
As for the fishing, the few browns, that we caught is typical for early in the run. We needed to fish to fish a few spots to find fish. Two of these brown trout weighed in at 15 and 14 pounds. Large fish, such as the 14 pound as shown, are typical of fishing early in the run. I saw very few salmon and the brown trout were hard to spot, do to high water. Flies are nuclear foe bugs in Oregon cheese and estaz egg in chartreuse.

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