Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Salmon River Update

As of 10/17 the water flow is still at 335 units, normal for this time of year. The water temperatures have been fluctuating from a low of 46° to a high of 52°. The cool morning water temperatures have slowed the fishing down some, especially in the mornings.

The lower river is still producing a few salmon and decent numbers of steelhead. The fishing has been a little slow, because of the cool morning temperatures. However the afternoon fishing has been improving as the water temperatures rise. Morning fishing is best done with egg flies, fished under a strike indicator. In the afternoon you can go to a swinging fly and pick up a fish or two. As for the salmon, woolly buggers as usual.

The upper river is fishing right on track for this time of year. Because of the reservoir, the upper river is not experiencing the large temperature swing. The fishing has been consistent throughout the day. The spawn is right on track and fresh salmon arrive daily. Along with the new arriving salmon, steelhead numbers are improving.

As usual fish woolly buggers and the green death for salmon. With all the spawning, stick with egg flies or a black stone fly for the steelhead.

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