Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Salmon River - Columbus Day

Salmon River, Pulaski, New York: What can I say that this photograph doesn't say for me already? The photograph was taken at Ellis Cove, looking upstream through Freighters Run. Columbus Day weekend is the busiest for anglers on the Salmon River. From this point on, the fishing pressure will be slowly dropping off, however the river will continue to fish well for those targeting salmon for additional two or three weeks.

Water flows have dropped to 353 units and should remain at this level for the next week. This is a normal flow for this time of year, with plenty of fresh salmon and steelhead continuing to enter the river. I still expect a few more strong runs of salmon yet, however now I will be fishing a little more seriously for steelhead.

The salmon spawn will last most likely, about two weeks, the fly fishing zones continuing to have heavy concentrations of Chinook salmon, providing good action to those targeting them. If steelhead is your interest then consider fishing the D.S.R [Douglaston salmon run] in the mornings. As for flies, I have been using pretty much the same stuff as always. For the lower river I have been fishing a swinging wet fly. When I am looking for a steelhead in the upper river, I have been using egg flies because of all of the spawning activity. For those targeting the Chinook and Coho salmon, woolly buggers and big stone flies as always should continue to be the top producers.

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