Friday, October 13, 2006

Hot Steelhead Fishing On The Salmon River

As of 10/13/06 the water flow for the Salmon River in Pulaski, New York is running at 335 units. This is a normal flow for this time of year. The water temperature is at 58. However, with the weather that is supposed to be coming the next few days water temperatures may drop a little.

The steelhead fishing has been HOT the last few days and we have been catching several steelheads each day. I have been fishing mostly in the D.S.R [Douglaston Salmon Run]. This has been some of the best fall steelhead fishing I have seen in years. We have been catching steelhead by both dead drifting egg flies and swinging wet flies. Fresh salmon have still been working their way through the D.S.R. No heavy runs but a steady flow of salmon. The fly patterns for steelhead have been Oregon Cheese Nuclear Roe Bug in size 8, Woolly Bugger's size 6 and Green Butt Picket Pin in size 4. Flies for the salmon have been the same old stuff, woolly buggers and now we been catching a few salmon with egg flies.

The upper river is full of salmon, which is normal for this time of year. The salmon spawn is now in full swing. Look for active salmon moving up river and onto the gravel beds to spawn in the evenings. Steelhead will be found in the heads of the pools and the tail outs of the gravel beds where salmon are spawning. The steelhead will be keying in on stray salmon eggs. Fish to the steelheads with egg flies. For the salmon, fish with woolly buggers. The fishing on the Salmon River is very good right now for both Chinook Salmon and steelhead.

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