Saturday, October 28, 2006

High Water Steelhead Fishing - Salmon River

On 10/26 the Salmon River in [Pulaski, NY] is still releasing 1800 units. With rain runoff the Pineville gauge is showing 2600 units. With all of this high water, the only pool I can effectively fish is paradise pool in the upper fly fishing zone. The pool is loaded with salmon, but we were able to catch a fow Steelhead with nuclear roe bugs fished behind the spawning salmon.
This was my last few days of guiding on the Salmon River for now. I will be moving my fishing back home, to Western New York. Where I will fish three different rivers. Sandy Creek, Genesee River and later in the month Oak Orchard River. Giant Brown trout will now be the main focus of my fishing. These can weigh as much as 16 to 18 pounds, but seven to 10 pounds is normal. Steelheads are also available in all three rivers along with the Brown trout. I will be making an occasional trip to the Salmon, and when I do I will report on what I see. For now I will be reporting on the Western tributaries and the Brown trout and steelhead fishing.