Thursday, October 5, 2006

The High Water Continues - Salmon River

As of 10/5 the Salmon River in Pulaski, New York is running at 1000 units, and the rain continues to fall. The river flow will not be coming down in the near future. This is definitely high water salmon fishing. Getting good hook ups has not been the problem. With all of this water, the problem has been landing fish. When you're deciding on which run to fish, make sure you have a plan in mind when you hook a big salmon.

Salmon have continued to slowly, but consistently, move up through the river at a steady rate. With all the high water, the salmon's movements are not all that obvious. The last few days has seen large numbers of salmon showing up in the fly fishing zones. The salmon spawn has started. I have seen in the last few days hen salmon starting to dig in the upper river. Along with the salmon, steelhead are now starting to show up more often. In the last few days we have caught a few steelhead and a couple Brown trout.

Fishing pressure has been heavy in the upper river from the trestle pool on up through both fly fishing zones. The middle river is now getting a lot more attention this week. Even with high water a few fish are still being caught in this part of the river. Over the past few days the D.S.R. [Douglas Salmon Run] has seen light fishing presssure. Most fishermen are having trouble dealing with the high water, and have concentrated their fishing efforts further up river.

Flies that have been working the best in the lower river for Chinook salmon are brown and black woolly buggers in sizes to 6 to 4, boss size 2, and black spey
size 1. For Steelhead, laser comet in fluorescent yellow size 4. One Steelhead was also caught on a big black stone fly size 6. Flies that have been producing Chinook salmon in the fly fishing zones are woolly buggers in black with chartreuse tails size 6, green butt black bear size 4, small stone flies size 10 to 8 and copper johns are still working size 12. I have not caught any steelhead yet in the fly fishing zones. Now that the salmon have started to spawn, egg flies are goimg to work.

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