Friday, October 20, 2006

Frank Zaffino's Big Steelhead, Salmon River

This is a 17 pound Steelhead, caught with a Nuclear roe bug in Oregon cheese size 8 and an 8 pound tippet.

The rain has returned and the Salmon River (Pulaski, NY) is rising once again. On 10/18 the water release was at 335 units and with rain run-off it was more like 1000 units down river. With this increase in water flow a few Salmon and Steelhead were running. Nuclear roe bugs in Oregon cheese and woolly buggers are the flies lately.

Because of all the rain on 10/19 the water flow has been increased to 1800 units plus runoff. This is really big water. Pools where you can effectively fish is now limited. These conditions may persist for the next few days or deteriorate if the rains does not clear up. Even with the tough conditions, the fishing is not all that bad.

The high water has run off most of the fishing pressure. A few locations are still fishing for both Steelhead and Salmon. At this time my fishing efforts are now concentrated mostly for Steelhead. What I have been doing with the high water is to look for groups of spawning salmon and then fish egg flies through and around them. If a steelhead is around the fish will quickly be all over the fly. With the present water flows most of the pools and slots are too deep and fast to effectively fish. Once the water drops I will go back to fishing the spots.

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