Friday, September 29, 2006

Update For The Salmon River

As of 9/29/06 the Salmon River in Pulaski,NY is running at 750 units. This is higher than normal for fall salmon fishing. The sharp increase in water flow has triggered a run of salmon. Fishing high water is not the same as it is with trout fishing. Tributary fish, like salmon, will be more active during high water. When fishing high water, remember the salmon will follow soft water seams. Do not spend your time fishing in the heavy water. Salmon do not like to sit in it, and they will quickly move on.

The fishing pressure is moderate for the Salmon River, with the heaviest from the D.S.R. [Douglaston Salmon Run] up to the route 2A bridge and the fly-fishing sections. The middle river is quiet and is producing a few fish. The upper fly-fishing section is filling up with Salmon. This part of the river has been fishing best in the evenings. The best flies have been egg flies size 10 to 8. If these flies don't work try some nymphs like a copper John or black stone fly's size 10 and 12.

The lower river has been seeing off and on again runs of Chinook Salmon. Most of the time, the salmon are just tricking up river slowly. This can make for some good fishing if you are willing to hang out where the salmon are naturally moving through. Along with the Chinook Salmon a few Brown trout are being caught here and there. The best flies are woolly buggers in black and brown size 6 and 4. Black stone flies in size 8 to 6 have been working good the last few days along with comets like the boss and copper comets, sizes 6 and 4.

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