Friday, September 22, 2006

Salmon River Update

As of 9/22 the Salmon River in Pulaski, New York is running 335 units. This is excellent water flows for this time of the year. Despite excellent water flows, salmon have been slowly trickling in the last few days. Even though there has been a few fresh Chinook salmon every day the bite has been slow. Fishing hard for three or four fish a day. It is amazing how fast the fishing can change from one day to the next. Late in 9/21 a run of salmon came through the D.S.R. and these fish were biters. The run of salmon has continued to run through today.
A few Steelhead are still being caught in both the upper and lower fly fishing section. With the normal selection of flies good old woolly buggers are still working as usual. As for Coho salmon, a few fish are being caught at the D.S.R. and the fly fishing section.
The fly selection for the past week has been; woolly buggers in black, brown, olive in sizes 6 to 4, green butt black bear and Dave's A.S in size 6 to 4 for Chinook salmon. Infected pheasant tail and Coho candy for the Coho salmon in size 8. As for the Steelhead, they are still responding well to woolly buggers and standared Steelhead wet flies.

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