Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Salmon River Pulaski N.Y

As of 9/12 the Salmon River in Pulaski New York is running 185 units. This is low water for this time of the year, however the salmon will still easily pick their way up river. As for today, the Salmon River had a good run of Coho Salmon with a few Chinook Salmon mixed in. Plus there have been reports of Steelhead being caught all through the river. The Coho Salmon are being caught with small pink flies, such as an Infected Pheasant Tail in size 8 or 10. The Steelhead are responding well to wooly buggers and standard wet flies. The best results are coming when the flies are fished on a swing. With low water the grease lining techniques work the best in these conditions. Plus all you will need to use is a slow sink tip to get your fly down. Just because the river is low, does not mean that the fishing will be poor. However you will need to make a few adjustments for the conditions, such as concentrating your fishing efforts to the pocket waters and the heads of the pools where the water surface is broken. Put in your fishing time in the morning and evening, avoiding the mid-day. Consider dropping the fly size down to sizes 6 and 8, and your tippet size down to 10 pound test may be even 8 pound test and of course use fluorocarbon for your tippets. Remember to try and stand as far away from the fish as possible when you fish.

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