Monday, August 21, 2006

Big Salmon For This Fall

This salmon was caught off from Sandy Creek in the western side of Lake Ontario. During the first week of July, this individual salmon weighed in at 32 pounds. This fish is not unusual. There has been a lot of reports of very large salmon being caught. Given enough food, salmon can grow as much as a pound a week by the time a salmon of this size starts its spawning run. He can conceivably weigh as much as 40 pounds. The evidence is showing that that the salmon are going to be running big this fall. At the time of this posting, there is a derby on Lake Ontario where a 38 pound salmon has been registered. Right now the average salmon that is being caught out in the lake is weighihg in between 22 - 24 pounds. These fish can easily grow 4-5 pounds before spawning. This would give an estimated weight of 26 - 28 pounds, for the average salmon by spawning time with more than enough monsters.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Jeff 's Fish

This Brown trout was caught with a brown bugger. Just because there is a Hatch going on doesn't mean you have to match it. On this day the Browns were getting finicky, and instead of trying to struggle with the hatch he tied on a bugger and caught this fish. By late August, these Browns have been feeding on this trico hatch and they have become very picky.