Saturday, April 22, 2017

Big news of the spring is that, our dear friend and guide Rick Smith and his wife Britney. On April seventh, they welcome their new son Dale Alexander Smith to the family. Both mother and son are doing well, and surprisingly enough even Rick is so far surviving the experience of being a new dad. Rick is now back on the water. If you see him napping under a tree, you’ll know why.
As for the fishing, starting with Western New York, Oak Orchard River and surrounding creeks. Water flows are still extremely high. However the recent rainfall was over 2 inches and everything is extremely high at this time, it will take a few days for water flows to come back down to normal. At this point we are now covering a lot of Creek for a steelhead or two. There is a growing population of large small mouth bass showing up in some of these are big.
Oak orchard River water flows are and will remain extremely high. This has a lot to do with Lake levels. Water is backing up almost to the turban channel. Keep in mind at this point the steelhead fishing is for all practical purposes over. If the water does clear up there could be some very good smallmouth bass fishing to be had. For Western New York the big shift is now going to be to the trout streams. Water flows  are still on the high side. But mayfly hatches are now starting. Look for hatches in the afternoon, these will be a size 14.
The Salmon River and the surrounding rivers and creeks; water flows have been very high over the past weeks. To give you an idea what type water flows we have been dealing with. For over three days, the Pineville gauge was reporting flows over 6000 CFS. water flows like that will move some river bottom around. However at this point water flows have receipted to1650 CFS and have been going at this rate for some time. Probably some of the most consistent water flows I have seen in quite a while for spring steelhead fishing. More important then the consistent water flows is that water temperatures are now in the mid 40° range in the upper river and some days almost in the 50° range in the lower river, prime spawning temperatures. We’ve had these temperatures now for almost a week and we have fish spawning all through the upper river. Also the hatchery is full of steelhead just hanging around, trying to decide if they want to leave yet. Judging by how things are looking, I am anticipating at least another three weeks of decent steelhead fishing. Also I’m anticipating the may drop back fishing to be right on par.
We still have prime fishing dates are available, for the Salmon River this is April, 28,29,30. As many of you have already heard we’ve had a prolonged period of high water the Salmon River. As a result I suspect we’re going to have some great May drop back fishing.  This will be some of the best steelhead fishing with the spey rods of the year. We still have prime May date available. If you’re interested please feel free to call and we can discuss your options cell 585-233-0436

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Conditions are changing quickly for Western New York. All the snow including a good round of rain is now flowing through the creeks and rivers. Water flows are at this time very high for Western New York. Over the weekend water flows were at flood levels. If we do not get too much rain this coming week, We be back to fishing in a few days.  As for the watercolor, we are and will be dealing with some very muddy conditions. Keep in mind the muddy water bothers us more than it does the fish. Water temperatures are now also improving, water temperatures are now in the lower 40° range range. We are now in that ideal water temperature corresponding activity to start.
Productive flies, we are dealing with spawning behavior was steelhead as a result it’s time to break out all the fun flies. The normal lineup of woolly buggers egg-sucking leeches and small intruders are getting the job done. When the fish get fussy egg patterns always work.
 The Salmon River and surrounding rivers and creeks. Water flows at all the rivers and creeks have come down over the past week. At this time the Salmon River is flowing at 500 CFS, low for this time of the year. I do not anticipate this flow level to stay for much longer. There’s still plenty of snowmelt yet to come. However this reprieve in high water has created a excellent fishing opportunity. The Salmon River has fished well over the past week. There is fish spread out all through the river system. There is also fish spread out through the smaller creeks and rivers that surround the Salmon River. Successful flight patterns, Upper River a mix of stonefly nymphs and egg patterns. For the lower river stonefly nymphs are still very effective. However small intruders finished on the swing, also been producing consistently. Keep in mind fish numbers are always smaller than the lower end of the river and you need to cover water to be consistently successful.


We still have prime fishing dates are available, for both Western New York Oak Orchard River area and the Salmon River. If you’re interested please feel free to call and we can discuss your options cell 585-233-0436

Friday, March 17, 2017

True to form for the month of March couple of days of nice warm spring weather and then old man winter comes back and gives us a big blast of winter weather and over 2 feet of snow. As for Western New York, Oak Orchard River area. We were running about 3 to 4 weeks ahead of schedule. Looks like old Man Winter solve that problem for us. We are right back on schedule for the spring steelhead run. For now  we are going to need to give everything some time for the snow to do it  thing and run off. However judging by the upcoming long-term weather forecast I suspect this will happen relatively quickly. The same goes for the Salmon River and its surrounding rivers and creeks. Everything is either iced up and snow choked or running some big cold water. As of now the Salmon River flow is 1700 CFS, and I suspect this is going to continue for some time to come. With this past storm we had, which was significant, Even the Salmon River watershed received over 2 foot of snow. Water flows for the upcoming spring are looking very good.
Not much has happened over the past week when it comes to the fishing, Just a lot of Fly tying.  The upcoming week we will be back on the water once again and we’re anticipating experiencing some winter type fishing conditions,  at least for the early part of the week. Keep in mind that it is March and we are fishing steelhead. Once again conditions can and will change quickly.  Monitor the water temperatures, In the spring, Water temperatures Will govern Fish behavior.


We still have prime fishing dates are available, for both Western New York Oak Orchard River area and the Salmon River. If you’re interested please feel free to call and we can discuss your options cell 585-233-0436

Sunday, February 26, 2017

If I said it once I have said it hundred times, conditions can and do change quickly. This is exactly what has happened. Just about every piece of water we have has coming into fishing condition or is about to. All of our smaller creeks and rivers are now ice free and are in prime fishing condition. The bigger rivers are also in ideal fishing condition or about to. We went from cold snowy winter conditions into late winter to early spring fishing conditions almost over night.
Starting with western New York, we have received some rain recently however. Water flows for Oak Orchard River and all the surrounding creeks are at what I would refer to as a medium level. Keep in mind for Western New York we do not have a snow pack, what little snow we do have is all butt gone. In less weather patterns turn cold and wet, I am anticipating in early spring. Water temperatures have been fluctuating from the mid 30s degree mark to as high as 40°. Start looking for steelhead in transition water between wintering water and spawning habitat. The amount of water we need to be covered is increasing. I suspect that we could see spawning activity at anytime. Once again we still need to get out and cover water to be successful.
Salmon River and the surroundings rivers and creeks. Water flows have risen considerably over the last two days. As of now Salmon River is flowing at 1600 CFS. I suspect this flow is going to continue for sometime. The water shed for the salmon has a considerable amount of snow. Anticipate a normal time schedule for the spring fishing in this area. Even the smaller rivers to the north of the salmon are running very high at this time. Water temperatures will be on the cold side for sometime to come, due to snow melt. Just before the water flows come up, we were experiencing consistent fishing both in the upper and lower end of the river.  The fishing has not been technically easy, we have been having to pay close attention to where and how we present the fly.
Judging by the weather patterns we’ve been having. The spring steelhead fishing season is off to an early start, can’t at least for Western New York. From this time on, rain fall is going to be Important for maintaining river conditions. We can easily be looking at six weeks of spring steelhead fishing for Western New York. We will have to see how the Salmon River comes alive. There’s a lot of snow on the woods in the Salmon River watershed, it will take some time to melt and runoff. Hopefully the snowpack will last until May.

We still have prime fishing dates are available, for both Western New York Oak Orchard River area and the Salmon River. If you’re interested please feel free to call and we can discuss your options cell 585-233-0436

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

To say it his been a while since my last post, would be an understatement. It is time to get back to it. The last two month has been vary active to say the least. Between recovering from the house fire last April, Moving into new house, Getting ready for the fly fishing show at Somerset, I’ve allowed this blog slide Little too. So what’s going on with the fishing. Most importantly the past week we have had a sharp change in the weather. For Western New York it’s just been cold. However for the Salmon River watershed this past week has been great news heavy snowfall has hit the upper reaches of the salmon River watershed. There has been almost 100 inches of snow fall. Leaving closest to total10 feet of snow in the woods. Hopefully this will compress Down to a 5 to 6 foot snowpack by mid march. This is good for our spring steelhead fishing on the Salmon River. Snow runoff could possibly last into the month of May greatly extending our steelhead season. So all I can say is let it snow. As for the steelhead fishing it self on the salmon river, we have been having decent to good results when conditions are stable and water flows are at fishing levels. We have been concentrating most of our efforts in the upper river. As for flies we have been having equal results with both egg flies and stonefly nymphs.
Water flows and river conditions for Western New York are varying widely at this time. The smaller creeks range from totally iced  up and on fishbowl to fishing. You need to go out and just check the conditions fishing conditions the small waters can change daily. As for Oak Orchard River water flows remain in a moderate level however recent rainfall could change flows quickly. Here to you need to just go out and check conditions and take it day to day. For flies egg patterns and White streamers is going to be the typical lineup.