Wednesday, May 2, 2018

This cold spring is just dragging on. Hopefully this upcoming week we will see change in the weather patterns. As of now, judging by my observations the steelhead season is running 2 to 3 weeks behind schedule.  The steelhead are still actively spawning. The spawning activity is being dramatically dragged out due to cold water, temperatures. As of now the water temperature on the Salmon River has been fluctuated between, 38 to 41°, this is right at the edge of temperature where spawning start. At this pace I suspect we will be observing steelhead spawning for another two weeks. This is definitely dragging out the steelhead season. As of writing this update water flows on the Salmon River are at 1500 CFS, I suspect water flows will start to come down within a few days. Water temperatures have been fluctuating as I said earlier around 40° give or take a degree or two. Keep in mind as I always say conditions can and do change quickly. We will need to constantly monitor water flows and water temperatures going forward. As of now we have been concentrating our fishing efforts in the afternoons late into the day, and covering a lot of water. This allows us to take advantage of the best water temperatures and gives the river time to quiet down on the morning fishing pressure. Judging by the way this spring steelhead season is progressing, we could have some excellent May steelhead fishing.  This is an excellent opportunity for that last chance and a steelhead and do it on the swing. Swing season is coming fast, for the guide service this is our favorite time of the year to chase steelhead. Fishing pressure is way down and the steelhead are hungry and chasing flies.
When it comes to Productive flies, we have been throwing the fly box at them.   Some of our best producers have been, Golden stoneflies, Black and silver Willy buggers, and a variation of a Green butt black bear when the fish get a little grumpy. As of now oak Orchard River is for all practical purposes done with that steelhead run. You might find a stray steelhead, but most likely lots of White suckers. The small mouth bass should start to show up in a couple weeks.
As for the trout fishing, the Hendrickson hatch has been coming off the trout streams a bit sporadically, mostly due to water temperature. This goes for the feeding activity of the trout. As of now the Hendrickson hatch has been coming off early to mid afternoon.
This Cold Spring in slow start, can work to our advantage, dragging out the hatch cycles, giving us more fishing opportunity.
We still have plenty of time available for early to mid May. The way this spring is progressing, there is going to be plenty of opportunities for that last chance at a steelhead. Steelhead fishing early to mid May is what we refer to as swing season, the best times of the year to fish for steelhead with a swinging fly. We are going to be on the river swinging flies for steelhead. This is a unique opportunity.
Please feel free to give me a call so we can discuss your options, also please keep in mind that where I’m located on the Salmon River cell phone coverage is poor, Please be persistent. cell 585-233-0436

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

This upcoming week will most likely see a lot of changing in the fishing conditions. I often say conditions can and do change quickly, right now the way things look some one may have just lit the fuse on the steelhead bomb. Water temperatures are right on the edge of triggering spawning activity. As of now oak Orchard River is in ideal fishing condition, high water flows and heavy stain to the water. This can make looking for fish a bit difficult, however the stain conditions will give steelhead the security they need to remain active throughout the day. In These conditions, all we need to do is take our time and search carefully. Eventually the fish will show them selves. When fishing the Oak, use larger flies. I like to say it’s time to break out the fun stuff. In the dirty water of Oak Orchard River the larger brighter flies are always going to be more effective.
The Salmon River, water flows have been steadily increasing as of now the release at the damn is 1500 CFS. Please keep in mind at this time of year water flows can change quickly. You will need to keep an eye on the flows daily and just your fishing plans accordingly. I do anticipate water flows increasing in the short term. Water temperature has been in the mid to upper 30 degree range. Close to spawning temperature but not there yet. As result, the fish have been a bit crabby. Ones the water temperature comes up to spawning temperature the fish behavior will change dramatically. Until then, a bit of persistence is your best approach. We have been getting Fish to eat a variety flies from egg patterns to nymphs, our best producing pattern has been large stonefly nymphs with rubber legs. We are at the very beginning of the spawning activity, As a result the bulk of the fishing activity will be focused at the upper portion of the river. There will still be a trickle of fish coming through the lower of the mid portion of the river but these fish will be spread out in moving fast. As a result we will need it cover as much water as possible to find these new fish.
 As we all know, trout season has officially opened. For now my concentration is still going to be with the steelhead fishing. However I will make note of the trout fishing conditions while the steelhead season continues. For now there is not much going on in the trout streams, other than water flows are high. We do need a few weeks and some warm water temperatures before we see the first big bug hatches.
We still have plenty of time available for early to mid May. Please keep in mind steelhead fishing early to mid May is what we refer to as swing season, the best times of the year to fish for steelhead with a swinging fly. Please feel free to give me a call so we can discuss your options cell 585-233-0436

Sunday, March 18, 2018

It may not look at but spring is coming. The steelhead fishing is gaining momentum quickly, despite the cold and the snow. Starting with Western New York, Oak Orchard River and the surrounding creeks. Water flows have dropped off over the past week in the Oak. Despite the low clear water flows there is a few fish still hanging around. Water temperatures are at winter conditions temps, Fluctuating somewhere between 32 and 34 Degrees.
These fish have been hanging around for a little bit and as result they are a little touchy. We need to fish to these fish very carefully using good presentation and smaller egg patterns. Once we get some warmer weather and a little snowmelt, Water flows will increase and the pace of the fishing on oak Orchard will quickly improve. As always, from this point on water flow fluctuations is going to be the main contributing factor to the quality of fishing. As for the surrounding creeks, water flows have been fluctuating a little bit more. As a result there is a decent number of fish in the system but they are widely scattered throughout. You’ll need to cover a lot of water to find a few fish. For now concentrate your efforts the pools and any deep pocket that you cannot see to the bottom.
The Salmon River has been fishing consistently good, over the past couple of weeks. As of now water flows are at 750 CFS release from the dam. There is some runoff mixed in with the flow, however water flows are at a very comfortable fishing level. Water temperatures remain cold, fluctuating between 32 to 36 degrees. I anticipate these conditions holding into this coming week. As always a lower section of the river fishes completely different than the upper section of the river. Starting with the lower portion of the Salmon River, steelheads are spread out through this section of the river. You’ll need to fish fast and cover as much water as possible. Concentrate your efforts in the main pools, Focusing on the inside soft water, classic winter water. Even though fish numbers are not as high in this portion of the river, they generally are more willing to take a fly. The upper river, this is where the majority of the fish are. Also the majority of the fishing pressure is located.  Normally the steelheads in this section of river are considerably more difficult to catch. However at this time, the winter stoneflies are hatching. This stonefly hatch will get the steelhead eating.  The stonefly hatch will be going for the next 3 to 4 weeks in the upper river. As you can imagine size 10 and 8 Stone fly nymphs in colors dark olive and black are going to be the flies to fish. I suspect this pattern is going to continue until either water flows increased due to Snow runoff, Or water temperatures rise into the low 40 degrees and trigger spawning activities.


We still have plenty of time available for March and in to May. Please feel free to give me a call so we can discuss your options for the Springs steelhead fishing cell 585-233-0436

Sunday, March 4, 2018

It has been a long time since my last update, way too long. Going forward my intentions are to get back to my weekly schedule of updates. For those of you who’ve look forward to these updates, both my apologies and my thanks for your patience.
As we all know, winter has definitely left its mark, the experience of the intense whether through December and January. Fortunately February was a little milder.
As for the month of March we are off to a winter start. The recent storm we experienced left us covered with a snow blanket of 12 to 14 inches. As much as an inconvenience, It is just what we need. The spring like weather we experienced the latter part of February got our spring run off started four weeks earlier then normal. This recent snowfall Help keep our spring fishing on a more normal schedule. All of our streams and creeks are now ice free and water flows are in fishing conditions. The Salmon River is flowing at 1650 CFS as of now. Keep in mind at this time of year water flows on the Salmon River can and do change on a daily basis. As for Western New York, Water flows are at ideal fishing conditions, looking forward to this coming week, fishing conditions will hole up just fine. As for fish, the Salmon River has and is fishing very good for this time of the year. There is a lot of fish in the Salmon River as of now. I am anticipating an excellent spring of steelhead fishing, judging by the amount of steelhead that has entered the river since last fall. The same goes for rivers and creeks in western New York, when water conditions are favorable we experienced good Numbers of fish. Once again this spring is starting to set up as a good spring for steelhead fishing. Also the Brown Trout creeks are still producing Drop back Brown Trout, these are the Brown trout that I like to refer to this time year, as our last chance Brown’s. I suspect we will be able to fine these last chance Brown’s for another few weeks. As for flies, we have been using a wide assortment of fly patterns depending where we have been fishing. Starting with Western New York; Standard egg patterns in colors of chartreuse, pink and the Time proven carpet fly have been getting it done. Also when fishing for the Brown trout, we have been using a variety of streamers in colors White and chartreuse. For the Salmon River the normal arsenal of stonefly nymphs, especially in the upper river are you getting it done. It is time for the winter stoneflies to be hatching. Mid to lower river we are having good success swinging our standard tube flies and mini intruders, In a variety of colors. Pink and purple mixes have been the top producers, Keep these flies about 2 ½ to 3 inches long.


We still have plenty of time available for March and in to May. Please feel free to give me a call so we can discuss your options for the Springs steelhead fishing cell 585-233-0436

Friday, November 10, 2017

It has been a while since my last update starting with the Salmon River the fishing started out with some of the best steelhead fishing we have seen in over 3 yeas, and then it all changed. Late in the week we got slammed with a major rainstorm.  This storm dumped over 6 ½ inches of rain in 24 hours. Just as the weather service said we got flooded. As of writing this update, River conditions have not comes back into fishing conditions. I do suspect that within a few days conditions well improved considerably. This recent round of heavy rain and minor flooding is nothing more than a minor in convenience. Losing a few days of fishing is a small price to pay for setting up good fishing conditions for the next couple of months. Once water flows come down we will find steelhead spread from the upper fly zone all The way down river. The Salmon River in the surrounded rivers will be having decent to good steelhead fishing until winter conditions takes hold.
This is the time in the fall when I make my move from the Salmon River to the lake Ontario tributaries of western New York.  For the next few weeks I’ll be focused on fishing for Lake run brown trout. Those of you who have had the opportunity to Fish for these fish know how special these brown trout are. Once again heavy rainfall has had an effect on the tributaries on the west end of Lake Ontario. However the effect is not the extreme, that we have experienced on the Salmon River area in the east end of the lake. Fishing conditions have and are quickly improvement. Brown trout are starting to move into the creeks. First week of November is when we see  the biggest fish. Going forward productive flies; for steelhead fishing on the Salmon River, it will be a mix of wet flies and small intruders. Those of you who want to swing, stay mid river, low river for you best results. Up river that will be a egg bite for sometime to come, Standard egg flies are going to be it. For the brown trout fishing, it will be fishing egg flies for the next few weeks.

I also have dates available for Rick, in November. For those of you do not know Rick Smith, He has been working with me for over 10 years and is an excellent fly fisherman and Guide. I have no doubt you will enjoy your day on the water with him. Rick will be focusing on the Salmon River and the surrounding smaller rivers for the steelhead fishing.